The sponsorship process is simple and straightforward. Here’s how it works:

    1. Both individuals and businesses are eligible to become sponsors. Once that individual or business has contacted Tampa Bay’s Child and expressed the desire to become a sponsor, they are asked if they prefer to sponsor one child – for $28 a month – or a family of multiple siblings – for $48 a month. Tampa Bay’s Child then matches each sponsor with a local child or children, depending on the sponsor’s preferences.

    2. The sponsor will receive a photo of that child, as well as a general description of the child’s neighborhood and family circumstances. To protect and respect the privacy of both sponsors and families, neither the sponsor nor the parents or caregivers of sponsored children will be given the address or last name of the other. All children will be assigned an identification number, and all correspondence will go through Tampa Bay’s Child. These rules can be waived, but only with the express and written consent of both the sponsor and parent/caregiver.

    3. Thereafter, the sponsor sends the monthly contribution to Tampa Bay’s Child. The organization’s leaders will, in turn, use that money to buy and deliver the specific goods or services needed by that sponsor’s child. Monthly donations may be “pooled,” for one or more months as necessary, to purchase a more expensive item or service for the child. Sponsors are told how their money was spent and receive thank-you letters from their sponsored child or children at least twice a year. Every sponsor contribution is tax-deductible – and more than 95 percent of every dollar is spent directly on the child.

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