“In May 2020, Tampa Bay’s Child completed its fifteenth year of service in the community, and what a special decade and a half it has been. We have been privileged to get to know and serve more than 200 children all across Hillsborough County – all precious, and all struggling in poverty. We have made more than 1200 visits to their homes[remove space here please] , building vital connections that will benefit these children and their families, their sponsors, and the broader community for many years to come.

Here are just a few of our accomplishments to date, thanks to our dedicated sponsors and tireless volunteers. Since our first home visit in May of 2005, we have:

* Purchased and delivered needed food, clothes, and medicines to sponsored children each month, providing basic necessities they might otherwise have gone without;

* Provided age-appropriate books, educational items, and school supplies to help all sponsored children get or stay prepared for school;

* Read to, played developmental games with, and otherwise preparedall sponsored children to build the skills necessary for success at school;

* Provided tutoring services to children to shore up their success in school;

* Enrolled a number of children in beneficial child-development programs – and helped the young mothers of several sponsored children further their own education;

* Linked nearly all of our sponsored families with vital community services offering additional assistance with housing, nutritional, mental-health, and dental needs;

* Partnered with local agencies to provide free vision-screening and eyeglasses to dozens of our sponsored children and/or their family members;

* Taken sponsored children on field-trips to MOSI, Lowry Park, Busch Gardens, Florida Aquarium, Dinosaur World, and cinema movies so that they can learn and just have fun, despite the strictures of poverty;

*Provided cultural enrichment opportunities, including music lessons, performing-arts classes, and summer-camp opportunities to a number of sponsored children;

* Helped all parents improve child-safety in the home and funded the removal of hazards;

* Through our “college books scholarship,” purchased college books for oldersponsored children in our program – several of whom are the first in their families to pursue higher education!; and

* Provided and installed computers in the homes of more than three dozen children.

We look forward to future years of service in Hillsborough County, as Tampa Bay’s Child works to strengthen both the lives of our children in need and the overall vitality of our community.

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